Book Review: Keep Your Crowbar Handy by S.P. Durnin

Book Review: Keep Your Crowbar Handy by S.P. Durnin

What: Keep Your Crowbar Handy by S.P. Durnin

Where: (Amazon)

Cost: $15.99 (paperback) $5.99 (Kindle)

Rating: 4 zombie heads

I met S.P. Durnin via an on-line zombie author’s event and e-book giveaway. He checked out our companion Facebook page ( and asked if I would like to review a copy of his book, Keep Your Crowbar Handy. I jumped at the chance, especially since I am just getting started in this writing business myself and can use all the connections I can get. So he sent me a copy and I started reading it right away.

Almost instantly I regretted it. I found myself hooked into the book early on and kept getting mad that I had to stop reading it to do things like work at my day job, sleep, and tend to other annoying but necessary interruptions. Durnin’s world is a compelling one, where there are white hats, black hats, and hot women at every turn. If the real Columbus, Ohio is anything like Durnin’s fictional one, it’s well worth paying a visit. Evidently angel voiced redheads and sexy ninja-vixens are literally around every corner. Some people may find the abundance of hot women who essentially fall for the hero at first sight to be far fetched – but this is a literary tradition steeped in history. Read any detective fiction and it’s the same way. Durnin writes very visually so you can see in your mind what he describes on the page, and I will say he writes a helluva sex scene.

The story itself is a simple one. Zpoc has happened, and people are trying to live, thrive or just survive, relationships are built and tested, complications arise and the best and worst in humanity are revealed. Pretty much every zpoc story, right? Well, Durnin takes a few side trips with the classic moves, sinks his hooks deeply into your psyche and virtually forces you to keep turning the pages. You’ll find yourself heavily vested in the characters and even when you can see their fate coming you’ll be fervently wishing for a different outcome. And when you get to the end? You’ll find yourself instantly reaching for the sequel, which, S.P., I pray you’re wrapping up soon.

Negatives: The editing could be sharper. Not a big issue but noticeable. UPDATE: The book has been picked up and re-released by Permuted Press. I haven’t read the PP version, but I expect all of these minor issues have been resolved. <8-24-2014>

If you’re looking for a compelling zpoc novel, this one is well worth the price. Just be prepared to dedicate time to reading it – I spent my Saturday (which I had grand plans for) finishing the book, the last third of which was virtually impossible to put down. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride and I think you will too. Now make with the sequel!!!

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  1. Excellent review and it convinced me to check out the book! Thanks for writing it.

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