Bug Out Bag – Master List

Bug Out Bag – Master List

Bug Out Bag Master List (bold indicates items I have in my kit)


  • Machete
  • 6”-8” fixed blade knife
  • 4” folding knife (open assist)
  • Tactical tomahawk
  • Tactical spear
  • Pistol (9mm, .40, .45 – your preferred caliber, preferably suppressed – assume all firearms are better suppressed)
  • Pistol (.22)
  • Rifle (AR or similar platform)
  • Rifle (.22 also suppressed)
  • Basic firearm cleaning/maintenance kit
  • Knife sharpening tools
  • Ammo for each

 Water Purification Solutions

  • Primary: Water filter
  • Secondary: NDur Bottle
  • Tertiary: Life Straw
  • Extra Filters/Filter elements

Fire / cooking / heating

  • Camp Stove / Fuel
  • Butane lighter
  • Weather Proof Matches
  • FireSteel
  • Tinder Material
  • Chemical Pocket Warmers


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One Response to “Bug Out Bag – Master List”

  1. tommy j eversole says:

    the only thing i can see to possible to add would be commo, or a basic type of shelter, like a small tarp, and a foldaway shovel and a hatchet.

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