Day 10: 5th Seed Match Ups Conclude

Day 10: 5th Seed Match Ups Conclude

Day 9 is in the rear-view and two more flicks have advanced to the next round. From the Sequels & Series bracket [REC] defeated The Dead, and in the Romero/Of The Dead bracket DAY OF THE DEAD (1985) beat Goal Of The Dead. Today we’re finishing off the #5/#12 match ups, so let’s get to it!

Our first matchup comes from the Action/Horror bracket. Just when Michael arrives in Berlin to visit his ex-girlfriend Gabi, a terrible virus starts spreading across the city at a rapid pace, turning people into mindless homicidal maniacs…it’s RAMMBOCK: BERLIN UNDEAD

Director:Marvin Kren

Writers:Benjamin Hessler (screenplay), Marvin Kren (screenplay)

Stars:Michael Fuith, Theo Trebs, Anka Graczyk

Opposite Rammbock, a young couple plans to have a rockabilly themed wedding out at the old farm, despite warnings of a West Nile Virus outbreak. Things go horribly wrong when the virus spawns zombie-creating mosquitoes, who are feeding on the wedding guests as well as the other locals of course! It’s ROCKABILLY ZOMBIE WEEKEND!

Director:Jaime Velez Soto

Writer:Tammy Bennett (original screenplay)

Stars:J. LaRose, Christina Bach, Jimmy Dempster

To vote for your favorite from this match up, go HERE!

Berlin Undead    Rockabilly Zombie Weekend

Our final #5 match up comes from the Comedy bracket. In an Earthly world resembling the 1950s, a cloud of space radiation has shrouded the planet, resulting in the dead becoming zombies that desire live human flesh…it’s FIDO!

Director:Andrew Currie

Stars:Kesun Loder, Billy Connolly, Carrie-Anne Moss

The final pic documents the daily lives of a small community of the living deceased who make their home in Los Angeles…it’s AMERICAN ZOMBIE!

To make your pick from this pair, go HERE!

Director:Grace Lee

Stars:Austin Basis, Jane Edith Wilson, Al Vicente

Fido   American Zombie

We’ll wrap up round one by this time next week, and start round two on Christmas eve!  Thanks for helping pick the best zombie movies! The next rounds are going to be more fun!!


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