Pride, Prejudice & Zombies

Pride, Prejudice & Zombies

Here there be mild spoilers. Ye have been warned.

Here’s the thing about zombie movies: they have to be really, really bad to be bad. I have enjoyed just about every zombie movie I’ve watched – even the ‘B’ (or ‘C’) movies all seem to have some sweet FX moves in them that stick with me long after. In Zombie Strippers it was the stripper’s skin sliding off her arm like one of Jessica Rabbit’s gloves. In Cockneys vs Zombies it was the face getting blown off a zombie – but still latched onto an arm after the body falls away. They’ve all got their charms.

PP&Z is no different. Snot bubble, anyone? While critics don’t like this movie (it gets a rotten 46 on Rotten Tomatoes), it scores a fresh 60 from the audience. RT says it never lives up to it’s promise. Well, it’s Pride and Prejudice at its core. With zombies. Seems pretty simple to me.

Like many movies, it tried too hard in parts. The back story for Lady Catherine de Bourgh BEGGED for more attention but received none. Lena Headey is a pretty big name to NOT use much in the film.

The audience in my theater seemed to really like it. It was Pride & Prejudice-y enough for the women, but had enough head blasting noise and gore for the men. Seriously, the sound system made me jump the first time a gun fired. It was good to see it in a newer theater with modern tech driving the experience.

It wasn’t on the same level as Shawn of the Dead, or Zombieland, but its a fun, enjoyable movie. And that snot bubble was a pretty sweet move.


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