Review: Zombieland, the series

What:  Zombieland The Series (pilot episode)

Where: Amazon Prime

Rating: 4 Zombie Heads

When I first heard that Zombieland was being made into a TV series, I had some serious reservations. First, how would the blood and gore translate to TV? Secondly, how would the show function with different actors? I thought that most of the cast of the movie could be replaced, but Woody Harrelson stole the movie as Tallahassee. Lastly, where are they going to go with a TV show that they didn’t go in the movie?

I was very surprised on all accounts. Regarding my first concern, the show is being produced on Amazon Prime, so the rules of network or basic cable television production don’t apply. Language (there’s a lot) and nudity (there’s none) are not taboo in this realm. With the success of Netflix’s Hemlock Grove and other streaming only content, and more and more ‘reality’ TV being shat from the bowels of the Big 3, I believe network television is dead. It just doesn’t realize it yet. But I digress.

As far as the actors are concerned, they all do a good job. Tyler Ross, Maiara Walsh and Izabela Vidovic, as I thought did just fine in the roles of Columbus, Wichita and Little Rock. In fact, I like Maiara Walsh better than Emma Stone. Maybe she’s just more my type… Anyway, Tyler Ross’ Tallahassee is not as good as Woody’s, but he’s passable. If you can get around that one, you’ll enjoy the show.

Finally, the content impressed me. A pilot is really supposed to do two things – one is to get your attention and make you want to tune in again, and the other is to introduce the parameters of the show. Zombieland succeeds on both accounts.  The opening scene is a classic. I won’t give too much away, but I will say that I have a bachelor party story that revolves around someone trying all night not to shit their pants and the punchline of the opening scene reminded me of that. Maybe that’s why I liked it so much…but even if you don’t have a similar story in your past, if you liked Zombieland the movie you will like this opening.

As for the rest of the show, they set the key plot points, deliver a lot of laughs and in the end I was won over and ready to watch the next episode. If you have Amazon Prime and you haven’t watched this yet, I heartily recommend you go do it. What else are you going to watch? Real American Dance Wives Kitchen Factor season 9? Please, you could do so much worse than to give this show a chance.

Until next time – better dead than zed!!

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